Aug 1, 2017

Professor George Church – Turning Back Time to End Age-related Diseases

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Many of you will likely already know who Professor George Church is and that he is an important and senior member of the research community engaged in treating the aging processes to prevent or reverse age-related diseases, not to mention all kinds of other applications for genetic engineering. For those who are not familiar with him a short bio follows.

George Church is a professor at Harvard & MIT, the co-author of over 425 papers, 95 patent publications and the book Regenesis. He developed the methods used for the first genome sequence back in 1994 and he was instrumental in reducing the costs since then using next generation sequencing and nanopores plus barcoding, DNA assembly from chips, genome editing, writing and re-coding.

He co-initiated the Genome projects in 1984 and 2005 to create and interpret the world’s only open-access personal precision medicine datasets. He was also involved in launching the BRAIN Initiative in 2011.

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  1. Bennie Beaver says:

    “Professor George Church – Turning Back Time to End Age-related Diseases”. Not surprising that George Church is an advisor to EDIT. I’m a believer invested in EDIT among others, the holy grail of medicine.