Jul 8, 2017

Could a Robot Be President?

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Great story in Politico Magazine on #transhumanism and a future AI President. My direct digital democracy ideas and others are mentioned: “Istvan, for one, envisions regular national elections, in which voters would decide on the robot’s priorities and how it should come out on moral issues like abortion; the voters would then have a chance in the next election to change those choices. The initial programming of the system would no doubt be controversial, and the programmers would probably need to be elected, too. All of this would require amending the Constitution, Istvan acknowledges.”

Yes, it sounds nuts. But some techno-optimists really believe a computer could make better decisions for the country—without the drama and shortsightedness we accept from our human leaders.

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  1. Before we do anything we must decide what we want to accomplish.
    I want to be young again and not grow old and die. Then i want to have my own mini earth in orbital space and roam the universe.
    Let’s program a robot president to get that organised.
    I am sure the whole world would vote for him.