Jun 3, 2017

The Henry George Program Ep. 2

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I finally found a copy of my radio interview at Stanford University last month discussing how I’d pay for a #basicincome by leasing out federal land (called a “Federal Land Dividend”). It’s an hour long interview with a guests asking questions: We discuss transhumanism too.

In this April 18, 2017 episode, we speak with Zoltan Istvan, who ran for President in the Transhumanist party, and is now running for California Governor as a Libertarian. He proposes a Universal Basic Income, funded by the leasing of federal lands. How does this compare to the Georgist ideal of a citizen’s dividend funded by land rents?

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  1. If “federal land” included all land, especially urban land, it would be the perfect idea. As it stands now, “federal land” is not all that valuable, and so most people, living in cities and towns, will still be paying a landowning aristocracy for the right to exist. But it would be far better to lease out those federal lands than to sell them, which is unfortunately something the government is still stupid enough to do.