May 15, 2017

Interview: California gubernatorial candidate proposes state-wide basic income

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This is an extensive new interview on my major platform proposal to eliminate all poverty in California (and eventually the nation) and to restore the massive wealth of government resources to your wallet. Also, I’m currently calling this a Federal Land Dividend, as that name sits better with libertarians, though it is of course a new way of paying (withut raising taxes) a #basicincome to everyone. It will also massively jumpstart the economy and end the healthcare affordability issues, since everyone would be able to afford healthcare.

Zoltan Istvan is running for governor of California in 2018 and has made headlines for his proposal to develop California lands and use the revenue to form a Universal Basic Income for all California households.

Istvan, who is running as a Libertarian and also ran for president in 2016, recently spoke to the UBI Podcast to discuss his proposal and why he believes it is the surest path to a basic income.

By monetizing federal lands in California, Istvan said he wants to “kill two birds with one stone” by eliminating poverty and pushing economic development in the state. Based on his research, Istvan said each California household could receive over $50,000 annually if the 45 million acres of unused land were developed.

“If we developed land and resources in California, we would be able to afford a basic income,” he said. “I’ve promised to do all of this without raising taxes.”

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