Apr 2, 2017

This scientific breakthrough could reverse the aging process

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The fountain of youth isn’t so far off.

Scientists have discovered a revolutionary molecule that could be crucial to the health and survival of Mars astronauts – and crucial to helping us look young forever.

Our cells have the ability to repair themselves, but that declines with age – and scientists finally discovered why. The breakthrough comes after six years of DNA research from scientists at Harvard Medical School and University of New South Wales. Their findings were published Friday in Science.

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  1. Majindi says:

    Smd molecular immunotherapy transfusion into the bloodstream, I have been using this for just under 3 years.
    So far my blood is that of an 18 yr old at 66 and all ailments have gone , Polyps in the colon, after 20 years of colonoscopies have gone, cea minus neg 1. The molecules appear to transend the endothelial layer, brain blood barrier and reverse the damage of tau and amyloid b proteins on the neurons, does appear to protect against virus and disease and repair aging joints . Side effects are a little sleepyness and slight ach on joints for very limited time after treatment
    Treatments are non invasive and one and a half minutes in duration. Although a brilliant piece of biophysics it is inexpensive and i expect will be available to all eventually through your local doctor
    I shall continue to use smd molecular imunotherapy for the remainder of my life , having to seriously relook at my retirement plan being extended .

  2. eleanor hatfield says:

    I’m interested