Apr 12, 2017

Image confirms galaxies are connected

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April 12 (UPI) — A new composite image captured by researchers at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, offers proof galaxies are connected by a web of dark matter.

The universe’s cosmic web of dark matter has remained elusive, but Waterloo researchers were able to tease out its existence by tracing a weak gravitational lensing.

Typically, astronomers used gravitational lensing events to study the light from distant galaxies as the beams are warped by massive galactic structures. But the gravity of smaller cosmic objects can bend light, too — including strands of dark matter.

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  1. Ettore Greco says:

    The Scientists continue their debate in regard to the dark matter. It is or it is not? They cannot agree. One could say they are both right even though it would appear that they have not grasped the essence, or to better say the lack of essence, of the dark matter. In fact, if for Existence is intended all that is made of energy one should say that dark matter does not exist if instead with the same term Existence one wants to include even the absence of energy then it should be said that dark matter exists. That is what existed before the birth of the Universe about 14 billion years ago. Prior to the so called Big Bang there was only Void. With its expansion, energy travels like a web inside one Void which is still at the border of an expanding Universe. Instead, within the Universe, and in between the meshes of this web of energy, there is the dark matter or the non essence from one eternal Void. That is why all galaxies and the entire Universe are connected by the dark matter.