Apr 21, 2017

Crosswise Summer Experience

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An event on #transhumanism at a Christian university in Southern California in June. Looks interesting:

Humanism is “our most sympathetic understanding and treatment of human nature.”

TRANShumanism is “the drive to fundamentally revolutionise what it means to be human by way of technological advancements.”

For those of you who are new to the term, Dr. Joel Oesch, on his blog Fishing for Leviathan, defines it this way, “Transhumanism has nothing to do with your race or gender identity, at least not directly. Rather, the term reflects the human desire to transcend its current condition both individually and socially, most notably to rise above the limitations of our physical selves. Transhumanism is a movement of people committed to using technology to further the human race in profound ways. In most iterations, Transhumanism is viewed as the next great step of human evolution. Homo sapiens has evolved into a wholly new species, Homo technicus.”

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