Mar 13, 2017

Western Digital Is Starting To Produce World’s First 64-Layer 3D NAND Flash Memory Chip

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Western Digital begins production of the first 64-layers 3D NAND memory chip in the world. (Photo : SanDisk / YouTube)

Western Digital has announced on Monday, Feb. 6, that it has started its production of the densest 3D NAND flash memory chips in the industry. The new Western Digital 3D NAND chips enable three bits of data to be stored in each cell and stack 64 layers atop another.

According to Computerworld, the 3D NAND flash chips are based on 3D technology or vertical stacking. This technology is called Bit Cost Scaling (BiCS) by Western Digital (WD) and its partner Toshiba. The pilot production of the first 64-layer 3D NAND flash 512 GB memory chip has been already launched by WD.

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