Mar 24, 2017

Supertall skyscraper hangs from orbiting asteroid in Clouds Architecture Office concept

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In a bid to get around terrestrial height restrictions, Clouds Architecture Office has proposed suspending the world’s tallest skyscraper from an asteroid, leaving residents to parachute to earth.

New York-based Clouds Architecture Office drew up plans for Analemma Tower to “overturn the established skyscraper typology” by building not up from the ground but down from the sky by affixing the foundations to an orbiting asteroid.

“Harnessing the power of planetary design thinking, it taps into the desire for extreme height, seclusion and constant mobility,” said the architects, who have previously drawn up proposals for space transportation and a 3D-printed ice house on Mars.

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  1. Frank Luxem says:

    So.…build 99% of a space elevator — just about the most expensive and difficult project imaginable in the near future — and then instead of completing it by anchoring it to the ground at the equator for inexpensive access to space, waste it on an office/condo complex that could be built ten thousand times cheaper? Nope.
    This is what happens when you let architects run around loose without adult engineer supervision.