Mar 9, 2017

Liquid Light: Scientists Unite Light and Electricity to Make Electronics Smaller and Faster

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In Brief Researchers have found a way to bridge the gap between light and electricity—the two main components of current data transmission. Using the liquid light produced by polaritons, they were able to unite the two, a development that would lead to faster data transmission.

As we reach the smallest units known to physics, it’s becoming more apparent than ever: Moore’s Law can’t hold strong forever. But although it seems we are exhausting the extent to which we can miniaturize processors (as far as we know now), it seems Moore’s Law won’t be scrapped for good…at least not entirely.

Researchers the world over are coming up with different approaches to pack more power and speed into the smallest particles. And a new study from the University of Cambridge, in collaboration with researchers from Mexico and Greece, is adding to the arsenal. Researchers found a way to unite electricity and light using a miniature electro-optical switch that creates and manipulates liquid light—as in similar glowing fluids like those in glow sticks.

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