Mar 14, 2017

Chemical Dye Doubles Roundworm Lifespan, Could Extend Human Longevity

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—In a statement, co-author Monica Driscoll of Rutgers University said that “the real goal of aging research should not be longevity at all, but rather a person’s health span — how long they can maintain an active, disease free, high quality of life.”–

NO. The real goal is extending lifespan. The lifespan of the organism was doubled, that is why people will like this when I share it.

Most of us try to avoid artificial coloring, but a dye that is used to detect plaques in Alzheimer’s brains is being tested for its seeming ability to counteract the effects of aging.

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  1. NIPSZX says:

    A dye to not die. I seriously doubt it! If so, I might grant 40 million to free distribution.