Feb 21, 2017

Want to chat with Shakespeare? AI bots will soon allow us to talk to the dead

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I believe that this is a stretch for me. However, wouldn’t be nice if we could. Imagine Steve Jobs could still run Apple, we could hear Einstein and Bhor debate, etc. Again cool concept but at this stage hard to believe it will be real until we learn more about Quantum Biosystem in the mix; and even then unlikely. Nonetheless, good luck with it MIT.

Imagine debating the interpretation of a Shakespearean sonnet and being able to clarify its meaning with the bard himself. Or sitting in history class and being able to ask George Washington questions about the Constitution, no soul-conjuring witchcraft required.

In the next decade, advancing AI technology will allow us to learn from the dead first-hand. New chatbot programs are being developed to keep our knowledge active after our physical being passes away.

Early research in this topic already allows us to simulate dialogues with the dead. For example, Russian startup Luka has created a simulacrum of the notoriously private musician Prince. This AI-powered chatbot draws from song lyrics and rare interview snippets to let users instant message with a vision of the late singer, who died in 2016.

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