Feb 11, 2017

The Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative Is Giving $3 Billion to Cure, Manage, or Prevent “All Disease”

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The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, launched in September 2016 and run by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, pediatrician Priscilla Chan, set out with the ambitious goal “to cure, prevent or manage all disease during our children’s lifetime”.

As part of the US$3 billion initiative, the organisation created an independent nonprofit Biohub, which on Wednesday said it committed US$50 million to 47 scientists, technologists, and engineers working at UCSF, Stanford, and UC-Berkeley.

The 47 investigators are working on a wide range of projects, but there was one central thesis the Biohub tried to keep in mind when picking from the 700 applicants.

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