Feb 16, 2017

Scientists Are About to Switch on a Telescope That Could Photograph a Black Hole’s Event Horizon

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Black holes are among the most fascinating objects in the known Universe. But despite the fact that they’re suspected to lurk at the centre of most galaxies, the reality is that no one has ever been able to actually photograph one.

That’s because black holes, as their name implies, are very, very dark. They’re so massive that they irreversibly consume everything that crosses their event horizon, including light, making them impossible to photograph. But that could be about to change, when a new telescope network switches on in April this year.

Called the Event Horizon Telescope, the new device is made up of a network of radio receivers located across the planet, including at the South Pole, in the US, Chile, and the French alps.

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  1. NIPSZX says:

    Will the telescopes be able to view the black holes or not? Why the “could” be about to change. Are the new telescopes able to view the black holes or is this an advertisement?