Feb 4, 2017

Race is on among tech firms to build a computing ‘oracle’

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For most people to understand Quantum and its importance and potential for various areas of our lives; means pushing away everything that you have known about technology & natural sciences (biology, geology, environmental, etc.). Those of us who have been doing research and development in quantum have had to rethink/ rewire our thoughts and ideas about what is possible and what is not possible in medicine, technology, etc.

Once you begin understanding this concept then you begin to understand more the impact and possibilities of a quantum enriched world.

In ancient times, it would have been called an oracle – a source of instant insight on the most perplexing problems. Now, scientists are closing in on making a device capable of such feats.

Its name is as enigmatic as the source of its power: the quantum computer.

After decades of research, tech giants Google, IBM and Microsoft are among those racing to unveil the first quantum computer, which will solve in an instant problems that would tie up today’s computers for millennia.

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