Feb 6, 2017

Quantum computing will revolutionize cancer research, says D-Wave co-founder Farris

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It will and I know some folks are also applying Quantum properties to their bio-research to look at ways to tackle certain brain cancers via (you guessed it) Quantum Biology.

Quantum computing and machine learning will impact most all parts of human life, but one of the first and most compelling benefits we will see is in the field of cancer research, says one expert.

Zero and One Media’s Katya Pinkowski sat down with D-Wave co-founder Haig Farris recently to talk about the world-leading, Burnaby-based quantum computing company as it creeps closer to commercialization. Asked what areas of life quantum computing would impact, Farris said there really won’t be part of society that won’t be touched by it, but that one of the most noticeable out of the gate will be cancer research.

“Whether it’s brain research or cancer research, understanding and being able to model and learn from various ways you might design a drug to address a particular cancer this is going to be probably the most important application that you and I will benefit and notice,” said Farris.

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