Feb 5, 2017

Quantum Biology!!!

Posted by in categories: life extension, quantum physics, robotics/AI

What I have learned over the years is sometimes as we help our audiences learn in a pragmatic every day life how a particular science can improve their lives we then in time can share the science discoveries larger impact to people for their own development and understanding.

I believe with folks pramagtically in mainstream understanding Quantum computing and Q-Dot technology used for screen displays and graphene material in general, the larger mass can now understand the impacts and beauty of Quantum Biology. So the time is now to expand and evangelize Quantum Bio on a much larger scale so people/ consumers can now understand its impact to reverse aging, brain injury reversal and evolve to a more advance intelligence and function such as telepathy, immunology and new cell health to fit diseases like cancer, etc. Also, Quantum Bio will accelerate Biosecurity and robotics too.

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