Feb 4, 2017

MIT Researchers Created An Algorithm That Can Detect Emotion During The conversation

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Nice new algorithm for humanoid systems.

A person dissipates various kind of emotion during the daily conversation. The expression actually depends on the statement of the narrator but, sometimes it is very difficult to perceive someone’s sentiment behind the speech. To unveil the emotion behind someone’s speech, scientists created an artificial intelligence algorithm.

A research team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s(MIT) from Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES) built a wearable app that is programmed with the algorithm. It could be a perfect alternative of polygraph because polygraphs are not really reliable because it has a lot of errors. Their invention was first officially introduced in the official press release of MIT News.

Ph.D. candidate Mohammad Ghassemi, lead researcher of this program said in a statement, “Our work is a step in this direction, suggesting that we may not be that far away from the world where people can have an AI social coach right in their pocket”. Ghassemi and his team equipped a fitness tracker with the app that collects physical and speech data to examine the tonal characteristics.

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