Feb 8, 2017

Exes Don Johnson & Melanie Griffith’s Bizarre Medical Experiments — To Live Longer!

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Forgive the source, but i saw this in the grocery store tabloid, still thought it was kind of interesting. These are the kind of people we should be trying to reach out to for life extension tech funding; their jobs are their looks, they have lots of money, and probably a million and one connections.

Agingexes Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson reunited at a mysterious German clinic with ties to a controversial doctor specializing in “fountain of youth” cures — including stem cell therapy!

In a bombshell exclusive, Radar caught the couple making a hush-hush visit to the ultra-private ACQUA Klinik in Leipzig — and Don’s wife was nowhere in sight!

There, they met with Dr. Augustinus Bader, a professor of stem cell technology who’s reportedly developed a “miracle” cure for aging. The visit also ignited speculation Melanie, 59, and Don, 67, may be rekindling their relationship — for the third time!

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