Jan 27, 2017

While the world apparently burns and social media makes billions of people crazy, here’s some truths for you this morning: Robots are partying it up (see pic) as the technology side of the stock market hit an all-time high this week

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No other metric of the state of #transhumanism (or science) says more than a healthy technology stock market. Complain all you want, but the smart money knows what’s happening. And smart money begets innovation—and innovation improves lives. Also, Obama in his 2nd term was a poor ad seller for media—it’s because he was stable and offered few surprises. However Trump (and his dramatic actions) might save and transform the entire media industry, as press bash and explore him relentlessly (and make a fortune in ads doing so as liberals and conservatives eat it up and fight over it all). However, always remember, media companies, whether they’re liberal or conservative, do not exist to serve you and deliver news, but to sell ads to shareholders (like Facebook too which is also near an all time high in stock price) so they can get richer. Media companies that were once struggling are doing better now. I’m not taking sides on any of these issues…I’m just reminding you of a few simple truths on how the world works. Have a nice day!

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