Jan 27, 2017

Senolytics – Taking Out The Trash Might Keep You Fit And Healthy

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Clearing out senescent cells could lead to better fitness and health as we age.

From around age forty we start to lose muscle mass due to various aging processes, one of these processes is the accumulation of senescent cells. Senescent cells are simply cells that have become damaged or have reached their maximum number of divisions. Normally these cells are shut down by a kind of self destruct program inside the cell, ready to be disposed of by the immune system.

However as the immune system ages, it stops clearing house properly, leaving many of these senescent cells in place. This would not be such a big deal, but senescent cells actually send out toxic inflammatory signals that block tissue regeneration. This includes the compromised formation and repair of muscle tissue[1–2]. Some researchers suggest that removing senescent cells could potentially lead to better performance and extending peak, allowing you to enjoy sports and remain competitive for longer.

There have been some interesting results on cardiovascular health and performance seen in pre-clinical studies so far. In tests aged mice had significantly improved vascular health when treated, compared to control mice left to age normally[3–4]. Perhaps even more exciting is the discovery that this therapy can also make an impact on heart disease. So reducing senescent cells could be a route to better cardiovascular health and improved fitness as we get older[5].

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