Jan 8, 2017

Researchers Develop New Porous Graphene Material

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Stronger Graphene; can you imagine have a car or SUV that is solid like a Sherman Tank and weighs the same or less than your car or SUV does today; or a commercial jet that it’s fuselage remains intact when it crashes while protecting others inside; or a building that does not get ripped apart in a tornado? With this form of graphene it may be possible.

Now a team of researchers at MIT have developed a computer model that simulates fusing flakes of graphene into three-dimensional configurations.

According to the researchers, Graphene is a strong material. As such, the porous graphene material can be used in the construction industry by creating strong and light materials.

This also suggests that other strong and lightweight materials can be made stronger as well by taking on similar geometric features. They were mechanically tested for their tensile and compressive properties, and their mechanical response under loading was simulated using the team’s theoretical models.

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