Jan 13, 2017

Immune System, part 3: Crash Course A&P #47

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The last of the fun videos about the immune system and how it works.

THE FINAL SHOWDOWN! This is the last episode on the immune system and also the very last episode of Crash Course Anatomy & Physiology. In it, Hank explains how the cellular immune response uses helper, cytotoxic, and regulatory T cells to attack body cells compromised by pathogens. He also explores how cytokines activate B and T cells, and what happens if your immune system goes rogue and starts causing autoimmune trouble.

Crash Course A&P Posters:

Table of Contents
Helper, Cytotoxic and Regulatory T Cells Attack Compromised Body Cells 4:08.
Cytokines Activate B and T Cells 5:00
When Your Immune System Goes Rogue 6:15
Autoimmune Trouble 7:27


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