Jan 12, 2017

Immune System, part 2: Crash Course A&P #46

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Part 2 of the immune system explained in this easy going pop culture style series.

In the penultimate episode of Crash Course Anatomy & Physiology, Hank explains your adaptive immune system. The adaptive immune system’s humoral response guards extracellular terrain against pathogens. Hank also explains B cells, antibodies, and how vaccines work.

Crash Course A&P Poster:

Table of Contents
Adaptive Immune System’s Humoral Response 1:19.
How B Cells Mature, Identify Antigens, and Make Antibodies 2:42.
How Antibodies Warm Pathogens and Mark Them for Death 5:22.
Active and Passive Humoral Immunity 6:03.
How Vaccines Work 6:27


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