Jan 28, 2017

F-35 Pilots Will Control UAVs Flying Nearby

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Several fighter jet models will soon use artificial intelligence to control nearby UAVs that will be able to carry weapons, test enemy air defenses or perform intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions in high-risk areas, Senior US Air Force officials said recently.

US Air Force Chief Scientist Gregory Zacharias said that much higher degrees of autonomy and manned-unmanned teaming are expected to emerge in the near future from work at the Air Force Research Lab. “This involves an attempt to have another platform fly alongside a human, perhaps serving as a weapons truck” Zacharias told

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  1. I Think that Unmanned Fighter (Psudo-Jets) are The Wave of The Future. They do not have Any constraints on G-Forces-es,Altitudes or “Whimsy”. They can go Faster, Smaller and with more “Kill” power than conventional Jets. They can Even Do “Kamaksi” missions to Destroy Primitive “Jets”. Use of Gyroscopes and High Energy propulsion Systems can achieve a Superiority the likes that Man has not Seen Before. By the way.… “Hats Off” to the High Energy Liquid Laser people. (Well Done). It is My Hope that “Chemical” (One Shot) Micro “pulse” laser systems can be developed. (Kind of like the Old “Six-Shooter” versions of Days of Old. Yes, they may only have a few “Rounds” in their Chambers.…yet they can “Mess Up” 6 Enemy Satellites. (Keep Thinking Outside of The Box)