Dec 16, 2016

Why the United Nations Must Move Forward With a Killer Robots Ban

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The reason I have been motivated to do this is simple. If we don’t get a ban in place, there will be an arms race. And the end point of this race will look much like the dystopian future painted by Hollywood movies like The Terminator.

Even before this end point, such weapons will likely fall into the hands of terrorists and rogue nations. These people will have no qualms about removing any safeguards. Or using them against us.

And it won’t simply be robots fighting robots. Conflicts today are asymmetric. It will mostly be robots against humans. So unlike what some robot experts might claim, many of those humans will be innocent civilians.

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  1. Suppelaiset says:

    Warfare has always advanced technology faster than anything else. War technology keeps nations advancing. Civilian systems are at the mercy of customers that don’t have money where as military is always going to get good funding.