Dec 8, 2016

Lab-grown bones successfully transplanted, says Israeli firm

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Israel’s Bonus says lab-grown bones successfully transplanted. Jim Drury reports.

A lab-grown, semi-liquid bone graft has been successfully injected into 11 patients’ jaws to repair bone loss. Israeli biotech firm Bonus Biogroup announced the early stage clinical trial results on Monday. SOUNDBITE (English) ORA BURGER, VICE PRESIDENT OF REGULATION AFFAIRS AT BONUS BIOGROUP, SAYING: “What we are announcing to the world is that real success in our clinical study in regenerating new bone in maxillofacial site in the jaws, it was 100 percent successful in all 11 patients.” The injectable bone grafts are made in the company’s Haifa plant, using cells extracted from patients’ fat tissue. They’re grown in sterile clean rooms, on biodegradable 3D scaffolds, before being injected into the voids in the jawbones.

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