Dec 1, 2016

Growing Drones

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Are you ready to GROW drones?

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  1. Out of various reasons pure bottom up thermally driven self assembly at the here shown capability level makes no sense. Assuming far superior positional assembly this concept video looks very much like the early naive and now obsolete ideas for atomically precise manufacturing that involve (freely floating) compact self replicating diamondoid molecular assemblers. Molecular assemblers are now deemed hard to reach, inefficient and undesirable. Experts in the area now instead focus on chip like nanofactories. Like so:
    I do collect information about advanced atomically precise manufacturing at the site:
    Scary destructive problem making military drones obviously are only a super-tiny subset of what can be made. There are many problem solving products too like e.g. free (or only gratis) all-weather shoes and cloth for all humans on earth, free solar cell foils and free upgraded daughter nanofactories to name just a few. All this can be built mostly from the currently accumulating problematic atmospheric CO2. Meta-materials (mechanical / optical / …) thwart resource scarcity.