Dec 6, 2016

CellAge: Targeting Senescent Cells With Synthetic Biology

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The fourth campaign and CellAge are using synthetic biology to create an accurate aging biomarker for senescent cells and a new therapy for precision targeting of those problem cells. Senescent cells are one of the processes of aging and this could change the way we age. is proud to present our fourth rejuvenation biotechnology project!

As we age our bodies accumulate damage in the form of dysfunctional cells that have entered a state called “senescence”, which secrete toxic signals that can lead to chronic inflammation, higher rates of cancer and additional aging-related conditions.

In order to address this CellAge, an Edinburgh based startup, has just launched a new campaign to develop methods that will help researchers target, and eventually remove, these cells from the body and thereby assist in restoring it to youthful functionality.

Central to their project is the development of new synthetic DNA promoters which are specific to senescent cells, as promoters that are currently being used to track them, such as the p16 gene promoter, have various limitations. If successful, they will follow this up by validating gene therapies for senescent cell removal, initially for patients with progeroid syndromes, those who have undergone radiotherapy, and eventually those with age-related disease.

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