Dec 23, 2016

A history of global living conditions in 5 charts

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To understand if the world is getting worse you have to look at the past data to see. So many people suggest we are heading for dystopia especially when talking about increased lifespans through technology but this doesnt really measure up against the facts. Life has never been so good and worth fighting for!

A common objection to increased lifespans is that the world is either already a horrible place or heading into some kind of sci-fiction dystopia not worth living. There are problems in the world but this article shows just how much science and technology has improved lives for decades.

The truth is there are problems in the world but nothing that we cannot overcome if we try. The world is a wonderful place, there is every reason to want to be alive and experience it and technology could let us live longer to enjoy it even more.

“Freedom is impossible without faith in free people. And if we are not aware of our history and falsely believe the opposite of what is true we risk losing faith in each other.”

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