Nov 13, 2016

Semantic Scholar search engine is expanded into neuroscience

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Bio Intelligence-based search engine; coming soon. Building blocks if you think about it with the whole Synthetic DNA storage, connected cell circuitry to make buildings, machines, devices, etc. living. We needed quantum in the infrastructure to ensure things like bio-intelligence, autonomous machines, and connected super humans could eventually happen while reducing risks and threats. Now, we’re watching the ramp up of synthetic bio systems. Definitely exciting especially when we could see in our lifetime mobile devices no longer needed.

(Tech Xplore)—Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence is in the news with its smart search engine, Semantic Scholar.

Namely, they are expanding their intelligence-based service into neuroscience research.

Nicola Jones said Friday in Nature that Semantic Scholar “is expanding its corpus of papers to cover some 10 million research articles in computer science and neuroscience.”

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