Nov 23, 2016

How will quantum computing impact security processes?

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How does one prevent hacking from a QC system? Easy, on board to QC first before others do.

Quantum computers have the potential to perform calculations faster than ever possible before, inviting a significant rethink in how we approach cyber security.

Given the amount of research being ploughed into this area, we are likely to see a commercially viable machine in the near future, so cryptographers and the cyber security industry in general should work to have a clear view on the implications way ahead of that achievement.

Sure, But What Is Quantum Computing?

Every current computer — smartphones, laptops, smart TVs — manipulates binary digits (bits), and these bits can only have two values: “0” or “1”. (Note: bits are also used to quantify the strength of an encryption method e.g. 128-bit, 256-bit encryption… the more the better!) Quantum computers, however, use quantum bits (also known as “qubits”), where the value can be 0, 1 or both.

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