Nov 13, 2016

Before you sign up for a self-driving car, pay attention to hacker Charlie Miller

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No autonomous cars, planes, ships, weapons (not sure I would even still want these), and other robots for me until we have our Net and other infrastructure replaced with QC.

It seems that all of Silicon Valley is designing artificial intelligence for driverless cars. But before we hand over our driving to computers, Charlie Miller, a well-known computer security researcher, would like car companies to pay attention to security.

Miller, who is a security engineer at Uber’s advanced technology center, spent a few years looking into the security of automobiles. And what he found didn’t impress him. He and his friend Chris Valasek hacked a Jeep remotely in 2014, and, after a series of denials from the car company, Chrysler had to announce a recall of 1.4 million vehicles. Miller gave a scary and hilarious talk at the recent ARM TechCon event in Santa Clara, Calif.

“Hopefully, things are going to get better, but we are not in such great shape now,” said Miller. “I want [car makers] to be working on security, and I would love greater transparency. I would love to see white papers written by car makers on exactly how their systems are designed for security. Then I could spend a weekend reading their white paper rather than two years tearing apart their cars.”

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