Nov 19, 2016

AI Learns Things That Humans Didn’t Teach It

Posted by in categories: information science, robotics/AI

In Brief:

  • Researchers have created a heuristically trained neural network that outperformed conventional machine learning algorithms by 160 percent and its own training by 9 percent.
  • This new teaching method could enable AI to make correct classifications of data that’s previously unknown or unclassified, learning information beyond its data set.

Machine learning technology in neural networks has been pushing artificial intelligence (AI) development to new heights. Most AI systems learn to do things using a set of labelled data provided by their human programmers. Parham Aarabi and Wenzhi Guo, engineers from the University of Toronto, Canada have taken machine learning to a different level, developing an algorithm that can learn things on its own, going beyond its training.

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