Oct 9, 2016

Two billionaires want to help break humanity out of a giant computer simulation

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The hypothesis that we might all be living in a computer simulation has gotten so popular among Silicon Valley’s tech elites that two billionaires are now apparently pouring money into breaking us out of the simulation.

That’s according to a new profile in the New Yorker about Y Combinator’s Sam Altman. The story delves into Altman’s life and successes at the helm of the famous boot-camp and investment fund for tech startups, and doesn’t shy away from the quirkier aspects of Altman’s character.

In the piece, Altman discusses his theories about being controlled by technology and delves into the simulation hypothesis, which is the idea that human beings are unwittingly just the characters in someone else’s computer simulation.

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  1. Joey1058 says:

    Enlightened people have been trying to “look outside the bubble” for millennia. What makes these billionaires think they can achieve it?