Sep 12, 2016

Turing’s new phone: Too good to be true in reality

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Turing Robot Industries (TRI) has huge plans regarding its new phone. The third in the series phone, has such high-tech plans lined up for it that these plans itself make you cringe on the grounds of practicality and reality. The plans of the company for this phone include an 18 GB RAM, three Snapdragon 830’s, 6.4-inch 4K display, 1.2 TB storage 60MP iMAX 6K Quad Rear Camera Triplet Lens at f/1.2, and a 20MP front camera.

It will have 4G VoLTE enabled 4 Nano SIMs, support Parallel Tracking and Mapping API. This entire package will be powered by a 120wh battery which will also use a triple power source. This would be in the form of a supercooled 3,600mAh graphene battery and a pair of 2,600mAh Li-Ion Hydrogen Fuel cells powering your device (and maybe also your home).

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