Sep 17, 2016

One Year Anniversary of BioViva’s Gene Therapy Against Human Aging

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It has officially been one year since I volunteered to take the first gene therapy to treat biological aging. It has been an amazing year! It began with a great deal of excitement in the weeks leading up to taking the treatment. The excitement of treatment day was followed by months of anticipation before the letdown of not magically reversing visual aging and becoming a 20-year-old biologically again. Even so, the year has been filled with energizing information gleaned from every additional molecular biomarker test that we have done. In this post, I will try to summarize my feelings on several topics as they have evolved throughout the year.

First in Human Use

Being the first person to use any new medical treatment is a complicated endeavor. It is infinitely more complicated when we don’t know the possible outcomes, the perfect dosage, the regimen, or the optimal delivery method. With all of these uncertainties, one is constantly aware that all the excitement and hopes could be squelched in moments. For the same reasons, every small success seems unbelievable, even though they are the results we wanted.

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