Sep 7, 2016

Here’s what an eclipse looks like from a plane

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  1. Mia1324bla says:

    I love life boat but there is some mean people because I said hi to someone and they slapped me in the looby so I tried to report them but I don’t know how to

  2. Mia1324bla says:

    Can you plz help me with the mean people. :( cause I got cyber bullied

  3. Mia1324bla says:

    But life boat is awesome

  4. Mia1324bla says:

    Plz write back to me
    Plzzzzzzzzzzz I don’t want to get cyber bullied again

  5. Mia1324bla says:

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wright back

  6. Mia1324bla says:

    Oh and how do you become a vip?

  7. Mia1324bla says:

    Life boat you there???? Do :( if you can not talk right now or :) if you are there ok

  8. Mia did you know that you are so stupid

  9. Not you life boat you are awesome