Sep 27, 2016

Diamond storage units for photons in quantum communication

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This doesn’t surprise me at all given how we can leverage synthetic diamonds and their crystal formations for light networks, QC, and now storage.

Nuclear spins in diamond can store photonic information with high fidelity and have coherence times that exceed 10s, making diamond potentially useful as a node in quantum communications.

Quantum communications offer secure and fast information exchange between distant parties. To realize these links requires the building of quantum networks that incorporate stationary quantum nodes separated by large distances and photons (information carriers), which establish entanglement between the nodes1 (see Figure 1). Because such networks suffer unavoidable photon losses, enabling robust quantum communication over lossy transmission channels requires quantum memories with long coherence times to reliably store the incident photon states at any given node on the network.2 Hence, a quantum node should have the ability to coherently absorb/emit and store the information encoded in the photon state onto a memory element that has very long coherence times.

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