Aug 10, 2016

Why Humans Should Be Genetically Engineering Their Children Now

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With the advent of CRISPR genetic engineering technology, humanity is on the cusp of an evolutionary revolution. We now possess the technology to modify our own genetic code (DNA). In a few more years, it will become more reliable, less expensive, and more available.

That is, of course, assuming that governments don’t outright ban the technology. We all know how successful government prohibition of technology or medical procedures (not very) has been, but that isn’t to say they can’t cause untold suffering in the meantime. How?

Assume for a moment that CRISPR (or its future technological offspring) allows us to modify our DNA to eliminate a specific disease that, if treated traditionally, would result in years of suffering or even death. It would be absolutely immoral for governments to withhold this technology in such a case. They would be directly causing human suffering.

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