Aug 17, 2016

“Super-Babies to a Quantum Portal to the Cosmos” –China’s 2016 Headlines Foreshadow Control of the Planet & Beyond

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As I highlighted earlier, we now understand more about the telescope announcement 3 months ago and its tie with the Quantum Satellite. Also, we are aware of China’s efforts to be the world leader of tech as they have proven in Pharmaceuticals (namely the generic brand market). Space is another area they have passion due to the opportunities in mining rare and raw materials, etc. Things are getting extremely interesting for sure.

BTW — the balance of tech power is changing; and we could see soon a day that folks look towards China stating the future of tech v. SV.

In 2016, with headlines announcing yesterday’s launch of the first quantum computer to the completion of the world’s largest radio telescope, China is emerging as the new science super power, opening portals to new and uncharted territory with some of the world’s most powerful and costly research hardware at their disposal.

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