Aug 15, 2016

Moving metal promises dynamic circuits

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Scientists have developed self-propelling liquid metals that could be used for future electronic circuits.

Current electronic technology is based on solid state components with fixed metallic tracks and semiconductors. Researchers are investigating soft circuit systems that act like live cells, communicating with each other to form new circuits when possible. In one study, Professor Kalantar-zadeh from RMIT University in Australia, along with his researchers immersed a number of different metallic elements, in the form of liquid droplets, in water.

Professor Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh said: “Putting droplets in another liquid with an ionic content can be used for breaking symmetry across them and allow them to move about freely in three dimensions. We adjusted the concentrations of acid, base and salt components in the water and investigated the effect. Simply tweaking the water’s chemistry made the liquid metal droplets move and change shape, without any need for external mechanical, electronic or optical stimulants.”

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