Aug 6, 2016

KEPLER 186F — LIFE AFTER EARTH — Documentary

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KEPLER 186F — LIFE AFTER EARTH — 2014 Documentary
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If Alien exist where do they live and how do they live?
Scientists say a world that’s 490 light-years away qualifies as the first confirmed Earth-sized exoplanet that could sustain life as we know it — but in an environment like nothing we’ve ever seen.

The planet, known as Kepler-186f, is “more of an Earth cousin than an Earth twin,” Elisa Quintana, an astronomer at the SETI Institute at NASA Ames Research Center, told the journal Science. Quintana is the lead author of a report on the planet published by Science this week.

“This discovery does confirm that Earth-sized planets do exist in the habitable zones of other stars,” Quintana said during a Thursday news briefing at NASA Headquarters.

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