Aug 31, 2016

Elena Milova speaking in support of OncoSENS crowdfunding campaign

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The MMTP has recorded this film in support of SENS Research and their quest to find solutions to ALT cancer.

To support OncoSENS project with a donation click the link:

Telomere shortening acts as a biological mechanism for limiting cellular life span. Most cancer cells bypass this failsafe by synthesizing new telomeres using the enzyme telomerase.

Several therapies targeting this well-described telomerase-based pathway are in the advanced stages of clinical development, but as with any cancer therapy there is the potential for development of resistance against telomerase-based strategies to defeat cancer. Studies using mice and human cancer cell lines have demonstrated that cancer can overcome the loss of telomerase by using a telomerase-independent mechanism called Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres (ALT).

Furthermore, tumor cells have also been observed to switch over to the ALT pathway as a result of telomerase-inhibiting treatment.

From 10 to 15% of all cancers are ALT-dependent — and incurable, because there are currently no ALT-targeted anti-cancer therapeutics.

OncoSENS is a high-throughput screening of a library of diverse drugs to find treatments for ‘ALT’ cancers, those which rely on Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres.

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