Aug 8, 2016

DARPA Autonomous Bug-Hunting Bots Don’t Need Human Hackers Anymore: Are Bots The Future Of Cybersecurity?

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I already voiced my concerns of this technology in the hands of criminals and terrorists. If we can have it so can others. Only when QC and a Quantum net is in place will we be truly protected with bots.

Cybersecurity could soon be another place where bots become invaluable for experts. DARPA recently organized The Cyber Grand Challenge, where computer algorithms showed how easy it is to clean up vulnerabilities in code written by humans. ( DARPA )

The Cyber Grand Challenge took place under DARPA patronage, and it is good to see how preoccupied the U.S. Department of Defense is with cybersecurity.

The event pitted computers against each other in an attempt to uncover which one can best fulfill the tasks of human cybersecurity researchers, that is, discovering a bug in a software program and fixing it.

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