Aug 16, 2016

China Launches New Space Race with World’s First Quantum Satellite –“Portal to a Whole New Universe”

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At 1.40am this morning, China launched a new Space Race with the world’s first quantum satellite, recently named Micius after an ancient Chinese philosopher and engineer, who, more than 2,400 years ago, proposed that light always travelled in a straight line and that the physical world was made up by particles. Quantum teleportation technology would be able to eliminate the 20-minute time delay in communication between earth and Mars and would allow tiny spacecraft to send back images and videos of planets many light years away without the need to carry a huge antenna. It could even give us a glimpse of what’s inside a black hole.

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  1. KK Tan says:

    Micius is a radical peace campaigner, who convinced a king to abort his plan to invade a neighbouring nation. His peace philosophy is founded upon his idea of universal love (兼愛, jiān ài). He also discovered gravity and the first and second law of motion. He defined a point and a straight line, he made the world’s fist pinhole camera and laws of optics.

    The UN should name him the patron sage of peace, and the UN security council shd be named Micius Peace Council, which should never approve any war plan.