Aug 18, 2016

8/18: Mobius Malady w/ Rosemary Ellen Guiley

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Interesting read on history’s Quantum journey.

Since the dawn of the new millennium and in this slow and daunting journey through the first 15 years of the century, “quantum theory” has been a great aggregate explaining all that is possible. There have been a number of people who speak about the esoteric in terms of quantum entanglement as the halfway point between science and magic. It has been implied and critically so, that quantum mechanics are somehow proof or a good reason to say that anything can happen and it usually does.

However, it may be said accurately that rather, quantum possibilities should really be about probabilities which can be analyzed on a sub atomic level.

However, with scientific critique and intricate word salad aside, the world and the space that surrounds it is infinite and thus, it is counter-intuitive to say there are only finite possibilities or probabilities in the infinite universe.

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