Jul 22, 2016

Zoltan, a presidential candidate for the future

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A new story out on my time at the RNC from Orange County’s main paper. I’ll be at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Monday night and Tuesday day. Please join me and help spread #transhumanism! Some free Transhumanist Party t-shirts available (email me if you can make it: [email protected]) #ScienceCandidate #Election2016 #POTUS #TechVote

In Cleveland this week, I met the presidential candidate who’s looking farther into the future than any other.

I settled in at Chipotle’s with my chicken burrito and there he was, with two friends, sitting next to me.

After introductions, he got the conversation rolling by talking about the need to invest more in science and technology, paying for it by reducing defense spending.

To make sure he kept my attention, he moved quickly to his call for a Universal Basic Income. That’s a continuing government payment for everyone in the country, working or not.

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