Jul 13, 2016

Why diamonds could be technology’s best friend

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When we look at the huge tech and industrial revolution that is just on the verge of happening due to QC and Medical technologies; synthetic diamonds will be a central piece of this story. I hope Intel, Nvidia, HP, Xerox, Apple, etc. all are assessing how they can either produce or partner with producers of synthetic diamonds. Printer companies could be big players in the mass production story of Synthetic Diamonds; and partnerships between Intel and HP or Intel and Xerox could prove to be fruitful.

COULD synthetic diamonds be key to developing the advanced electronics of tomorrow? A company crowd-funding on Cambridge’s SyndicateRoom thinks so.

Evince is looking to raise £650,000 to develop a working prototype of its new semi-conductor, which it says has the potential to perform 100 times better than silicon.

The company’s patented system combines advanced semiconductor and vacuum microelectronics concepts to create its platform technology.

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