Jul 31, 2016

What it’s like to counter-protest Christians as an atheist demonstrator at both political conventions

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My new story for The Daily Dot. Also, cool future tech to help the nonreligious get the message out:

Of the thousands of protesters at the Republican and Democratic conventions, one of the most noticeable groups were the born-again Christians. But this year—perhaps for the first time at national conventions—they were met with resistance from organized atheist and transhumanist protesters clashing against them.

With approximately a dozen atheists and transhumanists, my group of supporters engaged the Christians and campaigned in front of them. Sometimes wearing Transhumanist Party t-shirts and holding posters, we argued with them, blocked press from getting good pictures of them, and generally promoted to the public the power of reason over faith.

Other protesters, often fans of Bernie Sanders, joined our cause and helped protest against them. One of my favorites was an LGBT supporter holding up a sign with a penis drawing on it and the words “I love sinning” emblazoned just below it.

At the Republican National Convention, my team and I were able to temporarily block the born-again Christian procession attempting to make their way down the busy E 4th St.—right in front of the MSNBC live filming booth. Additionally, it caught the attention of GOP delegates and press as they were making their way into the nearby convention center.

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